About Us

Map of City is produced by a team of expats, professional wanderers, and clever locals to bring you all the best information about the cities you want to visit. Come off the beaten track with us as we explore exciting locations that the casual traveler might overlook. Learn about architectural marvels, rich history, and local hot spots that only the locals know about. From North Carolina to Belgium, we cover all the savvy traveler needs to find interesting places away from the crowds and kitsch that come with more common tourist destinations.

Travel is an exciting adventure, but it helps to have a road map. This site is dedicated to encouraging exploration away from the stereotypical tourists sites. To get the real sense of a place, you have to explore its back roads, share a drink with its natives, and maybe even get a little lost. The Map of City team is dedicated to getting you out there to see the world for yourself and learn about all it’s exciting marvels.

So travel on! Explore our site, but don’t let it stop there. There’s a wide world of interesting cities and unexpected adventures just waiting for you. We’re just here to point you in the right direction.